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What to See in Valle d’Aosta (Italy)

La Thuile, Valle d’Aosta (Italy) According to Vaultedwatches.com, the La Thuile ski resort is located at the foot of Mont Blanc at an altitude of 1441 m. It is adjacent to another popular Italian ski center Courmayeur . La Thuile is close to the Petit St. Bernard Pass which links Italy and France. Together with… Read More »

Italy Prehistory – Eneolithic

The introduction of the first metal objects (flat axes and triangular copper daggers, and some silver ornaments) did not disturb the substantial aspect of civilization, in whose bosom the ceramic and lithic industries are greatly perfected, and which above all keeps the inhumatory funeral rite and the housing system unchanged. Natural caves continue, such as in… Read More »

Italy Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense Italy is a nation in Southern Europe. Its capital city is Rome. Italy’s foreign policy has been dominated by strong support for European integration and the NATO defense alliance. Italy played an important role in Western European cooperation that led to the formation of the EU’s predecessor Coal and Steel Community… Read More »