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Nepal General Information

GENERAL INFORMATION – NEPAL Chair: Kathmandu. Time: ahead of Minsk time by 3 hours 45 minutes Holidays and non-working days: Government and many other offices work six days a week. Saturday is an official holiday. Nepal is famous for its constantly changing holidays. It is said that the Nepalese have more holidays than there are… Read More »

Nepal Travel Warning

Bandhs / strikes Basically, “bandhs” (forced strikes of any kind) called at short notice in Nepal at any time, including in the Kathmandu Valley, and blockades / roadblocks must be expected; sometimes these are also enforced by force. The latter also applies to so-called transport strikes these protest actions seriously disrupt or paralyze public life… Read More »

Nepal Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense According to abbreviationfinder, Nepal is a nation in Southern Asia. Its capital city is Kathmandu. Foreign policy is characterized by a balance between China and India. Largest is the dependence of India which encloses Nepal on three sides. However, Chinese influence can be said to increase. The exchange with India is… Read More »