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Spain in the 1960’s and 1970’s Part 2

Under the law, the monarchy was to be understood as “established” according to the principles of the national alzamiento of 1936 and detached from any other consideration of legitimacy: therefore Juan Carlos, nephew of the last king Alfonso XIII and educated in Spain where he served in the army, was preferred to his father, Juan Count of… Read More »

Spain in the 1960’s and 1970’s

The history of the country, until Franco’s death, was gathered around the problems posed by the accelerated development of the economy and society, to which the political power responded by alternating periods of restraint with others of cautious liberalization. The influx of mass tourism and, conversely, the strong emigration of Spanish workers to some EEC… Read More »

Spain Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense Spain is a nation in Southern Europe. Its capital city is Madrid. During the Franco dictatorship 1939–1975, Spain was internationally isolated. The situation changed rapidly during the democratization following Franco’s death in 1975. Spain joined the NATO Alliance in 1982 and four years later in the EC (now the EU). Today,… Read More »