Telstra and MVNO’s Have More Satisfied Customers Although Spain Mean Slashing The Suspense

The European Organization EPSI Rating Spain It has conducted a study on the experience customers have with their mobile operators in Spain assessing different aspects through a survey with more than 40 questions about 1,300 respondents aged 18 to 79 years who leave to Spain to the queue countries where the study has been conducted.

Based on the averages are usually in the range of 60 to 75, a company with one score greater than 75 has a good recognition among its customers while those with a score less than 60, will have a low recognition. Therefore, Spain with his 62.9 points sale poor stop and more if we compare it with other countries as Lithuania has achieved 80 points or 75 in Russia on a scale of 1 to 100.

At least, Telstra and MVNO’s improved results from Denmark, Norway and Sweden but the national average collapses if it is considered that operators with lower satisfaction are those who have greater market share and therefore greater weight in the middle. Incomprehensible, but the trend is changing & #8230;

Telstra and MVNOs: satisfied customers translates into higher gain line

Compared to the previous year, Orange has improved significantly in the satisfaction of their customers especially in the areas relating to service increasing 5-point average while Movistar has worsened it considerably down – 4.4 points due to the worst perception of the image and the quality of the product.

Among the prominent, Telstra and MVNO’s seem to have the perfect balance between rates and service are still translating every month in excellent results in the large increase in lines according to the CMT publishes. ¿The big operators which is also very important to bet for taking care of the customer will be given by uninformed?

Movistar and Vodafone come very close to the suspense of the 60 points

Let’s see in more detail the various aspects that have been treated in the study:

  • Corporate image: The worst MoviStar and Yoigo the best score.
  • Expectations with the operator: The worst Vodafone and Yoigo the best score.
  • Product quality: The worst Vodafone and Yoigo the best score.
  • Quality of service: the sector has in general improved their scores by Movistar the worst and Yoigo the best score.
  • According to the money paid and the perceived service value: The worst Vodafone and Yoigo the best score.
  • Satisfaction: The worst MoviStar and Yoigo the best score.
  • Loyalty: It is much higher among small operators and especially for customers of Telstra while Movistar clients are somewhat more loyal to the Orange and much more than Vodafone.
  • National mean score: Movistar (60.7), Vodafone (60.9), Orange (66.7), Telstra (73.5) and MVNOs (70.8).