The European Commission Is Investigating The Purchase of Motorola by Part of Google

The European Commission It is very active these days in regards to the control of the large companies in consumer electronics and associated services. A few days ago we had the case of Apple and eBooks, and the protagonists are now Google and Motorola Mobility.

As we can see on their website, the European Agency wants more time and information to consider the connection between Google and Motorola to be effective in our territory.

They need more information from Google to continue studying the case, documents that are essential to assess the operation. When they have them, they will continue with the investigation, but right now the process is suspended.

We must remember that with purchase Google Gets a portfolio of patents and intellectual property very powerful, that can be a defense of its interests in Europe. But it is possible that also goes against the practice anti-competitive, reason why are being studied.

European regulators do not want to give more details about the type of documents they need, but it seems that Google is open to any cooperation.

“ We are sure that the Commission will understand that this acquisition is good for competition and will work closely and cooperate with them while they continue to review ”, to the Verney, Google.

Joaquín Almunia will be responsible to announce if authorizing the operation with a view to the European market on January 10.