‘The Great Gatsby’ Lands in Cannes with a Suspense in Styling for Leonardo DiCaprio

What a disappointment, friends. Today starts the Festival de Cannes, who celebrates his 66th edition, with the screening of one of the films of the year, ‘The Great Gatsby’. This morning have become its protagonists we have seen those posing at the photocall and only one of them gets to approve in it comes to styling.

Vale which is a morning photocall and outdoors, in a summer setting, which allows some informality. But that does not justify, for example, the absolutely evil which fits the suit with Leonardo DiCaprio. Have a pass that goes without a tie and unbuttoned shirt (the occasion allows it), but that you about costume everywhere does not have any forgiveness.

See the wrinkles so horrible that it makes you? It is inexplicable that the protagonist of a film in which elegance and style are important elements, appears in this manner in any promotional event. What you DiCaprio lately? Already posts you could have placed a sack of potatoes and ready. By the way, Leo, ever must wear both buttons of the American. Never!

Also suspends the Baz Luhrmann, film director, who decided to take the range of blue above. But there not is the thing… can anyone explain to me what means that Navy Blue cardigan beige sharp under the American? It seems to take a tape with a card. What you have done, Baz? Why? Often horror.

Who if was made a brush and gets my approval is Tobey Maguire, She chose a costume three pieces in grey and black tie with white polka dots. Perhaps spent a little formal for an event in the morning and in the open air, in fact I guess that why it takes detachment to the first button of the shirt. This detail spoil you a little look, but taking into account that will surely make pretty hot, we will forgive.