The Small Apps from Sony We Say Goodbye: Disappearing into The Xperia X

Those who have not had in his hands a mobile of Sony’s recent times perhaps are now a little confused. Small Apps? This is, tiny applications? The answer is Yes and no.

The Small Apps from Sony were simple applications, almost widgets, that are opened as floating windows so you could use them while using another application. Some were more useful than others, being especially interesting the floating calculator or the currency converter. We must remember that this function was released the Xperia t, many years before oyeramos of the [windows resizable Android N](Android N tambien tendra ventanas redimensionables).

Although the Xperia ROM already included some Small basic Apps, it was possible to download other Small additional from Google Play Apps, as it is the case of this mini-traductor, the mirror or flashlight. The function itself isn’t bad – perhaps something hidden – but times have changed and It is not anywhere in the Xperia X series.

The confirmation extinction of tiny applications is located in the Sony forums, where the question of Small Apps where on the Xperia X, the Community Manager has responded:

[Small Apps] is no longer available. This is according to the specifications and how Google has defined it.

As a casual user of Small Apps, the truth is that the news is both understandable and rather sad, because it was a very original and unique initiative the mobile Sony. Probably not using them every day at all hours, but when you needed them, they were there. It remains to be seen if the mode of resizable windows of the future Android brings something back.