The Xiaomi My Mix Prepares for Its Third Sale Flash

At the end of last October Xiaomi surprised us with the Mix my Xiaomi, a device that quickly became the smartphone that everybody was talking about. Its designed in ceramic with barely perceptible frames around his huge 6.4-inch screen not passed unnoticed and at the moment, although its manufacture is limited, sales are working well.

Little more than one month since its launch, the manufacturer has announced the third Mix my Xiaomi flash sale that will take place tomorrow through the official website of the company. However, for the time being will remain an exclusive for China.

10,000 units a month give to what dan

Xiaomi is using the formula of sales flash with your smartphone without edges and the first two have turned out them very well, so it is expected that this third follow the same path. The first time they got exhausted my Mix in just ten seconds and the second time is elongated up to 30 seconds, but that, in any case said many units had been put on sale.

However, Hugo Barra company already warned Xiaomi Mi Mix not allow mass production, mainly due to its ceramic construction, and therefore it would not be possible to release large quantities at once. Specifically, Xiaomi limited production to 10,000 units per month, Although we insist that they have not offered specifics in their latest flash sales.

We refresh the memory. Xiaomi Mi Mix comes in two editions, with a basic one that has 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB and most complete with 6 GB RAM and 256 GB also featuring in 18 carat gold details. Aside from these differences, share the rest of features such as the 6.4-inch screen, the processor Snapdragon 821 or the 16 Megapixel camera with lens f/2.0.

The price of both versions remains unchanged since its launch, with 475 euros for the model base and 543 euros for the 18K version. As we said, the sale will take place through the company’s Chinese web Tuesday morning November 29.