Tips to Renovate the Kitchen Without Reform

Reform the home isn’t always easy, it requires a lot, a decorator, a professional to do the heavy lifting, materials and with that much money. If you’re not willing to spend too much or can’t spend, I will give some tips to renovate the kitchen without reform, curious? Come check out the tips

The kitchen is a place of conviviality, everyone loves getting in the kitchen, so she’s not just a place to Cook, you must maintain the very well organized environment, decorated and of course, with a cozy atmosphere to receive friends. The cool thing is that you can make a change in this environment without overspending, with the tips to renovate the kitchen without reform you will have a beautiful environment and new. Follow the tips and write down everything and do it in your House.

  1. Tile Adhesive-Change the coat is expensive beyond the labor you need to pay if you don’t know do you have to buy a new coating and materials to put on and it is not cheap. So the tile adhesive is a good choice, is easy to install, it’s cheap and when you get sick you can change, in time to put just be careful not to create bolhar of air.
  2. Change what’s easier–You will change the face of the your kitchen change simple things like carpet, curtain, lamp and decoration items that are inexpensive and can be changed with ease. You’re going to give a new face to the environment and that will help a lot, the best is going to pay little in these changes.
  3. Think of a different organization–you can create new ways to keep kitchen utensils, can buy a fruit bowl with a cool design, have baskets to put bread and other things and even something different for organizing seasonings. I showed the blog a very nice tip for organizing spices, you can be sure you will enjoy, check out:

I’ve taught him how to make a baleiro cool also can be used in the decoration of the kitchen to give just watch:

  1. Have a mini vegetable garden–want a new kitchen and different? Invest in the vegetable garden, you can grow Mint, parsley, basil, Rosemary and many others, besides having fresh spices at home plants will give a very different air to your environment, so be sure to invest.
  2. Use contact-Tired of the color of your fridge or any other appliance. No problem, the contact paper is here to help you. It is very easy to use contact paper to reupholster an icebox, ‘ll stay cool and look to new.

The tips to renew your kitchen without reform are not many, but you can be sure that you will give a new face to this environment and leave it more beautiful to receive visits. Be sure to share this article, can be sure that your friends will like the tips.