Top Ten Doo, Wop, Saturated Harmonies

For a few years, Doo-Wop was a real recipe for success. How put the so-called Bird Groups “the flamingos” or ‘The Orioles’ early 50s group soon stormed the Foundation as “the platters” or “Frankie Lymon and the teenagers” with polyphonic harmony songs the Billboard charts. At the beginning of the 60s the genre celebrated a kind, if you want to call it that, climax. Then also the ladies were above all “The Shirelles” of the party, and rocking swinging sounds made the emerging soul of course. Our Doo-Wop top ten focuses first and foremost on the 50s and is as always not understand objective scoring as enjoy again suggestion, offered by fine vocal harmonies.

1. Danny And The Juniors – “At The Hop”

This election is for many 50s fans probably not surprisingly, it is nonetheless the perhaps most famous doo doo-wop song. Here at you can get more different models of the 50s vintage parties fashion. However the 1957 has published “at the hop” simply are still many arguments on his side, above all the musical accompaniment. Because instead of lard dripping violins a hammering Boogie to enter piano of à la Jerry Lewis and a driving beat sound. The song, which originally should have been called “Do the Bop”, owed its name disc jockey Dick Clarke, by the way. The idea behind the renaming was the popularity of the so-called “record hops” to exploit.

2. The Platters – Only You

In contrast to “at the hop” “Only You” has undoubtedly earned the term “Tearjerker” by the platters. But who wants to turn a romantic spin on the floor with his beloved or the man of his dreams, nothing can happen which as this romantic Waltz. The 1955 released “Only You” was the prelude to a series of consequences of the Charter for the platters.

3. Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

Frankie Lymon was perhaps the first black superstar in the teenage years. Together with the teenager landed at that time 13jährige 1956 with the wonderfully swinging “Why do Fools fall in Love?” a number one hit in the United States and in England. Since there was no holding – for the boy band until Lymon separated from his companions. No luck was granted his solo career as his remaining life. 1968 Frankie Lymon at the age of only 25 years died of overdosing on heroin.

4. The Del Vikings – Come And Go With Me

Who wants to a later hour on Schwofen in subdued light, picks the best way to “Come and go with me” by the del Vikings. The 1956 produced song really gaining momentum with the roaring saxophone solo in the middle section and transported a lot more rock and roll spirit as many other Doo Doo-Wop songs. The del Vikings were a special group in the contemporary context by the way already in this respect when they had black and white band members.

5. The Drifters – Money Honey

The drifters are undoubtedly among the most important Doo Wop Bands. They secured a permanent place in pop music history with evocative ballads such as the unfortunately pretty dead played “stand by me”. The blues of “Money honey”, which shows a page of the drifters, later emerged with Ben E. King barely – dates back to the early days of the band, as they acted as a support group for Clyde McPhatter, too bad actually.

6. The Cadillacs – Speedo

“Speedo” comes also from the early years of the Doo-Wop from the Cadillacs and dominates ´ also here still rhythm n blues and rock ‘ n roll. The title of the song of success were incidentally nicknamed of 2012 deceased lead singer of the Group of Earl Carroll.

7 The Earls – Remember Then

The Earls are among the few Doo-Wop groups in various line-ups until the present stock and now as used men’s a sought-after “Oldie-Act”. During the recording of “Remember then” in 1962, the band was still fresh, a fact which is reflected also in the witty vocal arrangement of the song.

8 The Marcels – Blue Moon

Originally it was duo Richard Rogers and Lorenz “Blue Moon” a Ballad of the successful songwriter Hart, which was set to music by Mel Tormé, as well as Ella Fitzgerald and Elvis Presley. See the editing of the Doo-Wop group the Marcels 1961 the song underwent undoubtedly the most powerful transformation. Already the entry turned out to be successful surprise effect.

9. The Stray Cats – I Won’t Stand In Your Way

To enhance di original recording of “I won’t stand in your way” by a Doo-\wop group, Brian was type-setter idea and the guitarist asserted itself against producer of Dave Edmunds – luckily. The short term committed 14 Karat soul did a great job. The stray cats were rarely so much after 50 seconds.

10 John Lewis Trio – Sanity

At least one current title should not miss top ten in a Doo-Wop. Here, the theme song of the latest album by John Lewis & his comes right trio. “Sanity” makes the Welsh on the rockabilly Queen holds clear that Doo-Wop 50 years have lost none of their charm ballads large pieces of Imelda May.