Toshiba Portege Z20t: Convertible with a Thick Battery Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Toshiba Portege Z20T is not a toy, but a working tool. It shows what is possible, if it may be something more at the price: the notebook / Tablet combination is fast, not annoying with fan maniac and runs super long with one battery charge. Best price on the Internet: 2.274,36 euro * per order this product on Amazon very high pace of work sharp display very long battery life silent light weight memory expandable, Wi-Fi-ac cons some sophisticated color reproduction for elaborate games unsuitable under full load some high heat at the bottom mark of the editorial 2.19 good users rating now write a round costs 2,300 euros the Toshiba Portege Z20t nearly five times as much as an average Aldi laptop with Windows 10. What is there in addition to eleganterem design, better workmanship and larger display? The test by our site clears that image.

Toshiba Portege Z20t C 121: product and detail photos

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Classic look

At first glance the Portege goes through smoothly as a classic Windows notebook. Only a small gap at the edge of the screen reveals that the display as a tablet can be remove with 729 grams it is no lightweight. The display bracket also ensures that the unfolding of the notebook keyboard easy angles to himself. Who is accustomed to flat keyboards, need to change there a little. The feeling of writing is but top right for professional much match prediction.

Pale colors

The 12.5-inch display is atypical for a business model, only slightly, a concession to the quickly and accurately responsive touchscreen, actuates via pin anti-reflective. The display scored with a sharp and high-contrast image, represented but pretty pale colours. Instead of using the mouse the Portege via touchpad can be operated or with the track point that sits in your keyboard and saves the access to Vielschreibern.

Notebook-Tablet packages (convertibles) in the test

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Power despite Stromsparprozessor

The Portege also its inner values make the real office workers. Skylake processor comes from Intel’s Stromsparserie. The core m7-6Y75 is not as fast as a core-i model, made in the test but a high pace of work. Made possible by the very large amounts of memory (16 GB) and a really fast SSD with lush space (477 GB). The Portege is unsuitable for gamers: with current games, the graphics processor calculated only six frames per second.

The power of the two batteries

Upgrading the Toshiba cannot be. But that doesn’t matter, because the notebook is already pretty well equipped from the factory. In addition, it has ample Sockets, including also a VGA and a network socket. Juice take the Portege from two batteries: one sitting in the display, one in the keyboard base. Together, they provide an extreme endurance. Look at the video enough for two and a half men of the Rings movies, working in there are nine and a half hours. And who must concentrate as long as fully would be glad that the Toshiba is always silently working even under full load.