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By | May 17, 2021


Like almost all islands in the South Pacific, the Vanuatu Group is a dream destination for nature lovers . Colorful coral reefs , the active Yasur volcano and pristine rainforest await you on the island of Tanna , which is the perfect starting point for your South Sea adventure.

The main island is Efate with the international airport in the capital Port-Vila, Santo and Malekula are the two largest islands of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Map

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National language: Bislama, French and English

Capital: Port Vila, approx. 240,000 inhabitants

Local time: CET +10 hours / in our summer +9 hours

Entry requirements: Valid passport (still valid for at least 6 months) for a stay of up to 90 days as well as a valid return or onward flight ticket.

Vaccination requirements: No vaccinations required. Malaria prophylaxis is recommended during the rainy season. Inquire with a travel doctor or the tropical institute.

Local currency: Vatu (VUV)

Recommendation: Withdraw cash on site in Port Vila, Lenakel, Lakatoro and in Luganville at ATMs with an EC card with the Maestro symbol (not always guaranteed) or with a credit card.

Power supply: 240 volts alternating current, 50 Hz., Adapter required

Best travel time: May to October, due to the location it is humid all year round. The temperatures are between 22 and 29 ° C. There can be strong winds from November to April.

13 days round trip from / to Port Vila

  • everything from a single source: can also be booked with flights from Germany / Austria / Switzerland
  • from 2 people
  • Implementation daily

According to YOUREMAILVERIFIER, Vanuatu – an archipelago between New Caledonia and Fiji – is one of the last largely untouched island paradises in the South Pacific. This round trip is ideal for nature lovers who want to experience authentic Melanesian culture up close.

Day 1: Port Vila

Upon arrival transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Port Vila

Morning visit to the artist Aloe Piliko, who is known for his wooden sculptures. You will then have the opportunity to swim on Erakor Island. In the afternoon you will visit the National Museum and taste the national drink kava.

Day 3: Port Vila – Efate Island – Port Vila

On an island tour you will visit a traditional village, see centuries-old banjo trees and a small museum with relics from the Second World War and you will take a small boat trip on an outrigger boat.

Day 4: Port Vila – Tanna Island

After visiting the botanical garden, fly to Tanna Island. All-wheel drive vehicles will take you to your beach resort.

Day 5: Mount Yasur

Excursion to the crater rim of the still active volcano near Yasur. Then drive to Shark Bay, where you can see reef sharks from the beach, and to Port Resolution.

Day 6: Tanna Island

Experience pure nature in the jungle in the northeast. You can surf on the miles of beaches and enjoy a refreshing swim at the Louniel waterfall.

Day 7: Tanna Island – Espirito Santo Island

Transfer to the airport and flight via Port Vila to Espirito Santo Island. In the island’s capital, Luganville, you can do small purchases or change money, for example.

Day 8: Espirito Santo Island

A river trip on the Riri River offers the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear water. In the blue holes you can snorkel in the blue-colored water with visibility of almost 30 meters. Afterwards, Oyster Island with its numerous bays and sandy beaches offers further opportunities for swimming and snorkeling.

Day 9: Espirito Santo Island

Day at leisure.

Day 10: Espirito Santo Island

During a visit to the village of Fanafo you will experience authentic culture and the everyday life of the inhabitants up close. The chief invites you to a kava ceremony.

Day 11: Espirito Santo Island

Day at leisure.

Day 12: Esprito Santo Island – Port Vila

Transfer to the airport and flight to Port Vila. Upon arrival transfer to the hotel.

Day 13: Port Vila

Transfer to the airport.

Prices and dates due to the current Corona situation are still subject to confirmation by the partner agencies on site. / Price surcharges for the turn of the year, Easter and local holidays are possible.

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