Troll Face Quest Classic, The Game for Attention or Be Trolleado

The amount of games we have on Google Play is innumerable, there are from those with more spectacular graphics to those with a more retro look or with simple graphics. There are games arcade, RPG, shooter, puzzles, strategy… could happen to me here half life naming types of games, but I want to stand a little on one particular: Troll Face Quest Classic.

At some point in this our was Internet, the famous “troll face”, appeared those drawn faces and whose smile is between malicious and “you’ve annoyed, but good, and I like that”. There is a troll subculture that is everywhere (games, forums, show,…) and seeks to annoy someone badly.

In this game You must clan to get pass screen or be yhbt and repeat until you have success. I’ve encouraged me to talk about this game because I am amused some, and probably make some also. It is not that each level make a grace trmeneda, but if you like the “troll face”, in this game you’re going to swell to see them.

What face is this game?

Your Troll Face Quest Classic mission is to spend each screen by clicking on one or several correct elements, But if you make a mistake you will be yhbt and you’ll be doomed to repeat the display. Sometimes you will have to drag an object, touching several times about it, or touch various objects until action finish.

The game has a total of 36 levels I’ve got spend a couple of days without having to spend too much time, which could consider it fairly short if you randomly on a few occasions, but if you are unable to find the answer to the screen can you finish boring game, though, that Yes, you have a limited number of tracks to help you.

Simple graphics and gameplay, but without tutorial

This will be a game that will run on any Android mobile without any problems thanks to the simple that are its graphics. His aesthetic is very troll at all, full of different faces depending on the level and the actions that you perform and each. The game, during the time that I’ve tried it, does not present any problem of fluency.

In terms of gameplay, simple cannot be, You must simply play in the right places. The problem? What There is a tutorial that you tell what to do, although it is not necessary, the only thing is that it would never be more that advise that there are levels in which you must play several times an object, drag it or let down upon him.

It does not have a long learning curve, because in fact it is only playing in the right part of the screen. There are times that you must play at a very specific point, at the level where you’re in a Chair at the edge of a roof and depend of an uncle to the subject with a few threads. Luckily you have a limited number of tracks, so the best is to use them intelligently.

A game with relatively little publicity, free and lightweight.

This game trollea you as much as possible, but also challenge your intelligence and sometimes, your patience. If you solve the levels of agile way, possibly passes it you the same day that download it to you, even if you agree that you assume you’re going to have to ugar level several times before passing it to you.

As for advertising, it appears with a medium frequency you have to restart the level (on average every two or three reboots level), which closes easily. Also, for obtain additional tracks, You can watch a video that lasts between 15 and 30 seconds to get 3 additional tracks.

In some levels, there is a hat, and by bringing together 10 will unlock some secret level. I’ve got nothing but 9, so I don’t know what’s going. On the other hand, you can play a Troll Face Quest Classic wherever you want, even on the subway, because you don’t want to be connected to internet to clan or be yhbt.

The game is free, with the advertising mentioned, not suitable for children under 12 years, weighs less than 30 MB (depends on the device, to me I weighed about 26 MB) and requires Android 2.3 or higher. In conclusion, it can be a casual game that has some grace and rarely going to present a problem.