Vernee Mars, Analysis: The Twin Lost 6 IPhone Plus

Vernee It is a manufacturer which, although it is not well known, has it recently brought interesting proposals to prices that we consider fair. We have terminals so elegant as our protagonist, the Vernee Mars, but that, as we shall see, is it not precisely to its originality.

Vernee is guaranteed in Spain and service in our country, which means that, although the price is somewhat higher, we will have the comfort of being more or less covered. As for the terminal itself, we will see their strong and weak points, but at first glance we will think that we we have an iPhone 6 Plus.

Competent rather than mid-range specifications

We have a smartphone whose specifications fit in the mid-range in many cases, so we can assume that it will be more than solvent in the majority of situations. The NFC chip can take less, But apart from that we can say that it is very complete. Let’s look at the table below how the spent.

Vernee Mars, specifications
Physical dimensions 151 x 73 x 7.6 mm161 gr.
Screen 5.5 inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, 401 DPI
Processor MediaTek helium P10OCTA-core 1.8 GHz
Graphics processor Mali-T860
Memory 32 GB + microSD up to 128 GB
Version Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g / / GPS with A-GPS supportBluetooth 4.0FM radioLTEFingerprint sensor
Cameras Rear: 13 MP with autofocus, f/2.0 aperture, PDAF flash LED dual-tone, HDRFront: 5 MP
Battery Po, 3,000 mAh, non-removable battery
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Starting price €299

To help execute tasks, this Vernee Mars comes with a processor of MediaTek, specifically the Helium P10, an eight-core processor Cortex-A53 1.8 GHz with 64-bit architecture, how it could be otherwise. This processor is followed 4 GB of RAM LPDDR3 for multitasking, a generous amount.

Nor will the OCOG in terms of storage, since their 32 GB They seem more than adequate for most, but if you fall short, you can use one up to 128 GB microSD card sacrificing the second microSIM card. In any case, options not will be missing you to store anything you want on your phone.

If we move to the display of the Vernee Mars, we find ourselves with a size of 5.5 inch and FullHD resolution, fairly standardized in the range middle, which uses the IPS technology. A little later we will talk about its quality and visibility both indoors and outdoors.

Connectivity this device is fairly complete count with LTE 800 included, tracks, FM radio, Wi-Fi sensor a/b/g/n, 4.0 Bluetooth and GPS with GLONASS. Do we miss an NFC chip to help us with the payment and transfer of files, but it is virtually the only notable absence will see.

Vernee Mars is a phone with some pretty competent specifications and a very complete connectivity, although we noticed the lack of the NFC. In this aspect, we have a balanced terminal.

In terms of cameras, we have in the back the Sony IMX258 sensor, whose resolution is of 13 MP with Aperture f/2.0, autofocus with phase (PDAF) and dual-tone flash detection. On the front we have a 5 MP Samsung sensor, one resolution is more than sufficient for the selfies.

If we move to the battery, we find one sufficient capacity of 3,000 mAh Li-Po type that, on paper, it should give us a standard autonomy in every day thanks to the efficiency of the processor that would offset the screen size and resolution. Later we will see how this battery makes.

To conclude this section, we can summarize the characteristics of this terminal as quite balanced, with more than competent specifications, a fairly comprehensive connectivity, but where, as we have already said, we need the NFC chip. However, it is difficult that this last discard only the possible purchase of the terminal itself.

A design that reminds us of some bite Apple terminal

Vernee Mars is, without a doubt, a very elegant smartphone, of those who call the attention for its design. The only thing is that that design already see this in a phone of the competition as it may be the iPhone 6 Plus, and is that if not for the absence of the Apple logo, few things more us out of thinking that it is the mentioned terminal.

Putting this aside, let your usual review. In the back we see your camera in the top left corner, its dual-tone LED flash and, at the bottom, the logo of Vernee information certifying that it has spent European controls. The material is aluminum and it feels great in your hands.

On the front screen dominating around 80% of the front, over which we have your speaker, sensors, LED notifications and camera for the selfies. Below the screen we have an empty frame that perhaps could have been smaller, but few side bezels outweigh this echo slightly.

It’s a smartphone range medium whose design reminds us of hopelessly 6 Plus iPhone, but that doesn’t mean that it is very elegant and give the feeling of being a terminal much more expensive than it really is.

At the top we will see only the headset jack located toward the left corner, the bottom edge brings both the microUSB type C your speaker and microphone. The right edge fingerprint sensor brings the buttons volume, on and just below,, practically in the middle of the edge.

On the left side we find only the tray for the SIM and microSD card which, incidentally, seems to dance a little in the position, although it is not the entire shelf, but only the edge that we see. The power and volume buttons are quality, with adequate pressure and solids. Power, by the way, has a slightly different texture.

It is a very smart phone visually and comfortable to wear in the hand, Although comfort or do not already have the fingerprint sensor on the side outside the power button depends on whether each is capable of getting used to. Anyway, it shows that it is a terminal whose construction is quality.

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A screen at the height of the circunstnacias in all situations

Vernee Mars screen is of 5.5 inch IPS with FullHD resolution, more than enough for those not looking for a too high pixel density, as with 401 PPP should comply with the requirements of most users. But not only resolution lives this screen, whose quality is good.

This screen viewing angles are very good, somewhat in line with the rest of the smartphone itself. It is true when we look at it very’s side you can see how the colors yellow slightly, but not lost any details so you can follow seeing or reading the content.

In terms of brightness, there is not much to say, with the brightness almost to the maximum you can see screen in sunny exteriors or interiors with lots of light. Touch panel, like the rest of the section of the screen, responds without delay just to our touches, and does so gently.

Nearly flawless performance and autonomy in the Middle

By way of reminder, the processor that comes inside of this terminal is a MediaTek helium P10, an octa – core that it runs this time 1.8 GHz whose partner in this dance is one RAM 4 GB, that, in theory, should give us an excellent performance in terms of multitasking.

Certain processor is neither high nor the most recent of the Chinese company, but the fact that only personalization software makes that to move with total ease by the screens and menus. This evidence that the processors, from a year or two ago, they are able to move it just about everything without much problem.

The opening and loading applications is relatively fast, and here is where the difference with latest batch processors, since although times are pretty decent, note that it is not as fast in this section as in the high range, but without a direct comparison you will not notice it.

The games moving smoothly in almost all situations, even several of them with top quality graphic options had a remarkable performance, although in these cases you may notice (in part also by the material) that the terminal is heated to more or less normal levels.

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If you look at their autonomy, perhaps for a large number of users 3,000 mAh battery having a FullHD screen 5.5 inch are left a bit righteous, but if is not exactly outstanding, you It will be easy to get to the end of the day with some of the load to cater for posts by Whatsapp you’re hours without reading.

Obviously, If you give him cane to games, you can expect that the battery begins to run down as if there were a tomorrow, but with lightweight applications (Whatsapp or Twitter) for example the efficiency of the processor noted quite slowly lowering the percentage of remaining battery.

If necessary, the device has rapid charge which, although not next-generation Yes noted with respect to the normal charge. Day to day We have managed to move widely from 3 hours of screen, but without reaching 4, to have, before loading the terminal, more or less 30% of battery

Benchmarks Vernee Mars(Helium P10)
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited: 10.703
Geekbench 4 Single-Core: 690 pointsMulti-Core: 2.705 points
AnTuTu 24.797 points
EPIC Citadel Ultra High Quality: 42.4 FPS
Vellamo Chrome Browser: 3.640 pointsMetal: 1,242 pointsMulticore: 2.395 points
Quadrant 15.759 points

Decent camera, but that should improve in the dynamic range

To remember a little characteristics of cameras, back have a sensor of 13 MP with flash LED dual-tone, PDAF and aperture f/2.0. We have a sensor on the front of 5 MP to the selfies that we can do. There is no LED flash that illuminates the pictures with this camera’s low-light.

During the day the photos are pretty good, with a few true colors and quite acceptable levels of detail. It is able to capture enough light, thanks to its opening, although day this does not have much merit. However, the dynamic range is the loosest camera day.

We see how parts of shade are rather dimmed or, if you focus to the shadows, how “burned” the more enlightened parts. Night opening of the sensor enough saves the situation, with a relatively normal noise for a camera of this type. However, approach time is rather slow in low light scenarios.

Dual-tone LED flash can help enough to save a photograph, with a power is pretty standard able to illuminate objects without making sure the photo is burned in certain parts, so that the image is damaged.

As it was the case in the Kappa P500 Primux, the application of this terminal Chamber reminds us quite interface wearing mobiles Chinese with Android KitKat and previous. Actually, with regard to the mentioned phone, there is not much difference beyond that responds better to our petitions.

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Android with very little customization

Vernee Mars software is Android Marshmallow without customization layer that spoils the experience of itself was pretty good. There is something a little squeaking, and the presence, is again, a native browser like that brought Android by default in KitKat and older versions.

Within the software has any interesting customizations, such as of the navigation bar, which you can incorporate the options to hide it when you don’t want to see it (return it to drag from the bottom up) or the lower the bara of notifications.

Apart from this we have the call Download Turbo in settings which, as in some other terminals, allows you to combine the free Wi-Fi and data so that downloads are faster. As for bloatware, we could use the fingers of one hand and we are still plenty, because apart from the browser and a file manager, there is no anything else (except the FM radio, clear).

Where there is to give a small pull Vernee ears is in the security patch, then still have the of April this year, and last months major corrections that could make the phone something safer have been applied.

In summary, in terms of software experience is positive, perhaps removing the issue of the native browser (which, although it works well, I would say that it is obsolete). There has been no lag at no time passing through the home screens or menus of settings, at all times has been ported quite well.

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Vernee Mars, Xataka Android view

When we speak of a mid-range in 2016, us, we analyze it, as any potential user, both expected to be a terminal solvent, practical and with a certain quality. The time that failed deployments rather than a shotgun of fairs, fortunately, already has passed as we have seen in other analyses.

No doubt, This smartphone is of high quality, with an elegant but with a design iPhone clear identity If we look at its back. In materials is undoubtedly a great terminal, not to be aluminum, but for having a good construction (the material already is everyone’s personal taste).

It is a mobile phone fairly complete in specifications, with the only lack of the NFC. Fingerprint sensor side, even though it is in a good position, is somewhat faddish, but if you can get used to put the finger in conditions is relatively fast. Then see the ratings that we have given to this mobile.

In favour

  • A very elegant and attractive design
  • Rather small side bezels
  • Virtually pure Android, and little customization that has, almost all of it is interesting


  • Little original design (although don’t be smart)
  • Camera with improved dynamic range
  • Absence of NFC