Versus Versace, Suitable Only for The Lovers of The Italian Maison

With Versace, at this point in the story, I think that you know what happens: I like you a lot, or think that it is a genuine atrocity What makes the Italian maison to the fashion world. And no shortage of reasons (for both positions) but what is undeniable is that they part of the history of the catwalk. Perhaps that is what gives them such immunity.

For his spring-summer 2013 collection they wanted to skip the cannons again and they have opted for a capsule collection, Versus Versace, It could well call is Very Versace because distilled essence Italian style Donatella each pore of the outfits. Suitable only for loving public of the firm, notice.

If there is something that can not miss in Versace are prints, Is that clear. We have them all: geometric black and white, by way of trompe l’oeil to create Visual effects on the whole or bet by the animal print, no discrete and brightly-coloured, to build a total look based on them. The result are difficult to apply and combine with excessive force for my taste but… for tastes the colors.

As always, material in the collection is the leather. We see it in the outerwear, adapted to warmer weather, as well as in the work of patchwork shirts and pants or the unisex leggings that Versace proposes that we use combined with its collection of prints “discrete” shirts. A collection that makes us think and doubt about where it should be: in a closet or in a Museum.