WhatsApp Beta Tea Will Soon Leave Draw on Pictures

This year WhatsApp has decided to step on the accelerator of the improvements, probably for fear of other messaging applications to eat the ground. It is true that great function that all hope, video calls, have not yet come, but to change a WhatsApp week ago introduced six new products in its beta version, a record.

And that is nothing more than the beginning. There are other several improvements in the air that are likely in the coming weeks, as the links to join groups using QR codes or tags NFC, but the most striking is a rather simple concept and it seems that we will see soon: the of draw up the photos before sending them.

The evidence

Normally when talking about functions of WhatsApp that are coming, one of the most used resources is the translations page. In theory any text app should be there, so that it can be translated, but it is also true that if the function is in an early phase generally does not appear. This is not the case of the doodles on photos.

We have the main track of this way of drawing on photos in this Tweet from @Wabetainfo. The image shows a supposed picture to the screen of a PC that has three different icons that were not available until now: a circle, a pencil and an arrow. So far only WhatsApp allowed you to crop and rotate images before sending them.

The first unlocked hidden feature is here… You can draw and add effects in WhatsApp beta for Android 2.16.150 (GP). pic.twitter.com/UxOFTz9kiw

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) 3 July 2016

The previous picture you can believe or not, but there are other more conclusive tracks that seem to corroborate what you see there. If you download the latest beta of WhatsApp APK (right now the version 2.16.150)., already has those icons in your code.

Until we see it in operation, we can only imagine how that will work and what will each icon. It makes sense to be that the brush icon to Scribble manuscripts, while the other two icons are for include circles y Add arrows respectively, both functions that seem more focused on the productivity in fun.

Until you launch to install the latest version of WhatsApp to consider that these doodles on photos they are not activated even, so you will not see technically no difference beyond the six innovations that you presented a week ago.