Wristwatch that Challenged to Elements

“One thing is to say that a wristwatch is water-resistant, another is to prove it.” These are the words used in the Official Rolex Website to present the adventure of a Rolex Oyster across the English channel in the autumn of 1927 and Mercedes Gleitze.

She was a typist and semi-professional swimmer born in Brighton who set a record at the swimming across the English channel in 15 hours and 15 minutes. A competitor had just improve your brand and Mercedes wanted revenge.

He was a wrist watch launched by Rolex in the summer of 1926, the first that is advertised as resistant to water and dust. It had a rugged and hermetically sealed to protect the machine.

Cruise lasted more than 10 hours in a hostile environment , both for the swimmer to watch, with temperatures around 11 degrees, large waves and strong currents. She had to leave when only 7 miles to go, were missing but the Rolex Oyster resisted, and both became world famous.

Although it was a wrist watch and wanted to sell on several occasions the romantic idea of the swimmer wearing it on your wrist in elegant and glamorous, the hardness of the test made that Mercedes decided to take it subject to the neck so you get him as little as possible. Anyway, the fact be subject so long to a few such extreme conditions, showed that the characteristics attributed to the Oyster were untrue and not mere advertising verbiage.

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