Zara Rejoins Mexican Folklore with Skulls and Tropical Birds

From here I ask whoever is engaged in designing the male line of Zara: Please, lets give blind sticks. There are many posts we wrote about Zara on Jezebel man, but I took some time without finding anything which surprised me pleasantly. As my colleague Alejandro said, we still have a problem, Zara. Really are these designs for a brand like Zara justified? Please remember to leave your opinion, I am only in this non-conformist task against Amancio Ortega.

The reason is more than justified. While some brands such as Pull & Bear improve with each new take, Zara for not taking steps backwards. It never came to be at the height of the female line, but I think that fill t-shirts with skulls and Mexican-style tropical forests only worsens the situation.

What concerns me most is that it shows that Zara wants to remove things that follow the trends, but does not go it well. In a moment in which all ñoño takes (moles, prints, drawings, etc), a t-shirt with parrots should be a guaranteed success. However, the designs of Zara deflate and fail to give all what should.

If anyone is interested, the t-shirts cost 17,95 EUR and the white Sweatshirt 29,95 EUR.

Now we want to know your opinion: What do you think about t-shirts? Do you think that Zara has much to improve? Mark has been entrusted with its position in the market and not worry about their male clients?